ESL: Grammar and Structure

One of the main goals of the American Language Center is to provide students with adequate English proficiency to perform academic reading/writing and speaking/listening tasks. Using appropriate and accurate grammar is viewed as a prerequisite to being able to complete these tasks. ALC believes that grammar cannot be successfully internalized through learning only the rules of grammar in isolation, nor can it be separated from oral and written communication. Therefore, the curriculum at ALC recognizes the inseparable relationship between the form, meaning, and usage of grammatical structures. Blending communicative and interactive approaches with tried and true grammar teaching, the American Language Program offers concise and accurate level-appropriate grammar instruction. By focusing on English grammar in context, students at every level learn more, remember more, and use language more effectively. At each level, students are assessed to identify areas of weakness, allowing instructors to customize a learning plan for each student.

Grammar 001: A beginning grammar course in which grammar serves as the tool for improving speaking, listening, writing and reading, Grammar 001 introduces essential English language structures through integrated, communicative methodologies. Students are able to take what they learn and engage in meaningful communication about real actions, real things and their own real lives. Structures learned include simple present, present progressive, nouns and pronouns, count and non count nouns and the simple past.

Grammar 002: A continuation of 001, students progress to more complex grammar structures. In a supportive environment, they are encouraged to practice these newly acquired structures through group and pair work, role play and oral practice. Extensive and varied practice opportunities allow students to build language speaking and writing confidence. Structures learned include future, present perfect, past perfect, modal auxiliaries, passive, comparative and superlative

Grammar 003: In Grammar 003, students continue to build on their grammar knowledge. Through oral and written practice, students become familiar with more complex areas of English grammar usage. Areas of difficulty are reviewed and correct usage is reinforced. Structures learned include adjective clauses, gerunds and infinitives, phrasal verbs, adverb clauses, and the conditional.

Grammar 004: While introducing more advanced grammar structures, upper-intermediate level students go over areas that still remain problematic. Class activities focus on practicing grammar through interview, presentation, role play, and various written activities.

Grammar 005: This course is taught in conjunction with Reading and Writing 005. Geared towards preparing students for the rigors of college level writing, Grammar 005 is an intensive course which focuses on developing writing, presentation, and discussion skills that will improve college preparedness.

Grammar 006: A continuation of 005, this course, working in conjunction with Reading and Writing 006, strives to prepare students for college level writing. Students will master sentence structures and grammatical devices to empower their writing and speaking skills