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Bloomfield College Student's Story Featured on NPR
Gloria Rodriguez’s journey to Bloomfield College was spread far and wide by the Teacher Project, in partnership with Chalkbeat and WNYC. Rodriguez shared her story as an undocumented student with NPR.
Bloomfield College Honors CBS' Bill Whitaker, Raises $650,000 at 150th Gala
The Sesquicentennial Gala was held on Saturday, December 1. Over $650,000 in proceeds was raised for scholarships, making it the largest fundraising event in the College's history.
Bloomfield College Unveils Carlozzi Commons
The College community has unveiled Carlozzi Commons. Trustee Nicholas Carlozzi; his wife, Cathy; and the Carlozzi family foundation made an extraordinary gift, which has culminated in the College naming an area of campus after them.
Bloomfield College Women's Basketball to Team Up with Go 4 the Goal, Raise Awareness for Pediatric Cancer
On Saturday the Bloomfield College women's basketball will raise funds for Go 4 the Goal, an organization that strives to help children with cancer.
Bloomfield College to Host Social and Behavioral Sciences Alumni Panel
The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences event is on Tuesday, December 4. The event, which includes an alumni panel discussion and reception, begins at 4:00 p.m.
Esports Comes to Bloomfield College
Bloomfield College has entered the exciting world of Esports, with three teams consisting of up to six players per team. Funding for the new program was made possible by the generosity of Trustee Joanne Marren.
Bloomfield College Names Nov. 14 'Home for Holmes' Day' in Honor of Coach's 300th Win
Gerald Holmes’ 300th career win at Bloomfield College as Head Men’s Basketball Coach will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 14 at 6:45 p.m.

Bloomfield College Recognizes Dr. Schiro, Hosts Natural Science and Mathematics Panel

Dr. Mike Schiro
On Wednesday, April 11, as part of Bloomfield College’s 150th anniversary, the College welcomed Trustees, faculty, staff, students, and alumni to the Natural Science and Mathematics Alumni Panel Discussion and Reception on campus.
"As future scientists and mathematicians, you have an important role to play as educated citizens. You have to investigate things scientifically and objectively," said College President, Richard A. Levao. "You will use your observations to try to recreate and understand scientific theory. You have the ability to use your mind to deduce and figure out truth with partial and incomplete evidence."
Dr. Michael Schiro, Mathematics professor, was recognized for his 50 years of service and presented with a certificate by President Levao.
“My time at Bloomfield College predates this building,” Dr. Schiro quipped, referencing College Hall. Dr. Schiro reflected on his first time on campus in 1968, when he was deciding between job offers. "Once on this campus, I realized really quick that there were some really good people here who wanted, and could, get stuff done. I wanted to get stuff done. So I decided to stay at Bloomfield College."
Dr. Jim Murphy, Chair of the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics and Biology professor, moderated the alumni panel. Dr. Murphy has been with the College for 25 years.
The panel included Dr. Michael De Castro '01, Associate Professor, Farmingdale State College-SUNY. “Bloomfield College felt like home,” reflected Dr. Castro. “Chemistry is my calling. I haven’t worked a day in my life because I am doing what I am passionate about.”
Joining Dr. Castro was Erika Ramirez '10, Manager of Global Compliance Operations, Celgene Corp. “Chemistry is my passion, and Bloomfield College faculty helped me realize that,” shared Ramirez.
Danielle Patterson '13 worked for five years as a Clinical Histotechnologist with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has recently continued her career with the Bio Defense. 
 “As alumni, we are supposed to give back to our community,” said Patterson. “Bloomfield College has awarded us so much. I’m lucky to have been employed in my desired field immediately upon graduation.”
Rounding out the panel was Marcia Reynolds '94, a Bloomfield High School Science Faculty Member. “Chemistry is a way for me to keep my brain alive!” said Reynolds, who attended part time while working full time.
For more information about the Natural Science and Mathematics programs at Bloomfield College, please visit the division website.