Train to Teach English Abroad (TEFL)

As of the fall 2016, TEFL certification is currently included in the regular ALC program, not as a seperate course. Please contact Lisa Richlan for more information about current offerings from the American Language Center. 


Are you a professional considering a career change, a recent college graduate who wants to travel and teach abroad, or just someone looking for a new adventure? Our intensive 100-plus-hour TEFL* certification program offers a combination of online and onsite training that leads to jobs teaching English overseas. Combine your desire to travel, experience new cultures, and move forward in your career by enrolling in this exciting, life-changing course.

Job Placement
Upon successful completion of our 100-plus-hour course, graduates receive a TEFL Instructor Certificate* that is recognized and accepted around the world. Besides increasing your marketability and making your ESL job-hunting task much easier, taking our certificate course will increase your confidence and provide you with a range of skills to teach English grammar, reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation. Proper training in teaching ESL goes a long way to increasing your job satisfaction.

A TEFL Instructor Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is the standard international credential for teaching English abroad.


  • Great salaries
  • New career skills
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Experience new culture
  • Meet Exposure of new lifestyles

Tuition: $4,000