Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

As of the fall 2016, TOEFL prep is currently included in the regular ALC program, not as a seperate course. Please contact Lisa Richlan for more information about current offerings from the American Language Center. 


ALC's TOEFL Prep Program is designed to improve test performance on the new iBT TOEFL test for intermediate- to high-level ESL students. If you are intent on improving your TOEFL score, or have yet to take it but want to prepare for it, ALC's small TOEFL prep classes will ensure that you get the necessary practice in speaking, listening comprehension, writing, reading, and grammar skills to score well on the test. Practice tests are taken each week and reviewed thoroughly by the instructor. Additionally, TOEFL  registering for the TOEFL exams, which are administered once each month at various sites throughout New Jersey and New York.

iBT TOEFL Listening and Speaking Prep Series

  • ESL 360 TOEFL LS: Strategies & Practice I
  • ESL 460 TOEFL LS: Strategies & Practice II
  • ESL 560 TOEFL LS: Strategies & Practice III
  • ESL 660 TOEFL LS: Strategies & Practice IV

iBT TOEFL Reading and Writing Prep Series

  • ESL 370 TOEFL RW: Strategies & Practice I
  • ESL 470 TOEFL RW: Strategies & Practice II
  • ESL 570 TOEFL RW: Strategies & Practice III
  • ESL 670 TOEFL RW: Strategies & Practice IV